As a medium-sized family business, we think in terms of generations. We work for a secure future for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and we want to preserve the beauty and resources of our planet for them.

We take our responsibility towards society and the environment very seriously. The “three-pillar model of sustainability”, developed at the environmental conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, has been firmly integrated into our day-to-day business for many decades.

We are therefore committed to the three dimensions of sustainability with our brains, hearts and hands. In management, production and administration, we make our contribution to economic, ecological and social sustainability every day.

economic sustainability

Economic sustainability aims to secure production and living conditions. Only those who are economically successful can take care of the environment in the long term and thus safeguard the social system. Thanks to sustainable business strategies, we have been growing since our foundation and continue to expand. In doing so, we are proving that sustainable growth does not automatically have to go hand in hand with higher consumption of resources and energy. For example, we are developing new markets that offer more sustainable products. We strengthen the resilience of existing markets by always maintaining our independence from individual players. We believe that technological progress is essential for survival. At the same time, we always keep people in mind.

ecological sustainability

Ecological sustainability begins with the use of renewable energy and results in environmentally friendly production processes for us. At every stage of the value chain, maximum conservation of resources is our top priority. We are constantly expanding our product range to include sustainable alternatives to standard films and are leading the way in this area in cooperation with our customers and suppliers. Other material components, such as printing inks, are also examined regarding sustainability aspects. We have invested in the modernization of our building technology, increased our energy efficiency and reduced emissions. We have made great progress on our path to CO2 neutrality.

social sustainability

Social sustainability focuses on the community and the individual. Productive full employment is the prerequisite for secure income and jobs. We have been providing this to our colleagues for more than four decades now. Those who work for us can expect fair working conditions and a healthy working environment, equal opportunities and access to further training opportunities. We promote the health of our colleagues and team spirit with a comprehensive package of measures. This has enabled us to build trusting partnerships with colleagues, customers and suppliers – many of whom we have been working with for more than four decades.