Packaging printing for contract packers
fast, flexible, solution-oriented

Contract packers face a variety of challenges. This type of packaging service requires the ability to react quickly, even under time pressure. As a specialist in flexible packaging printing, we meet this requirement with very short delivery times within 10 working days. Thanks to a storage area of 2.860 m2, we provide a permanently high material availability of films for a wide range of filling goods, including recyclable variants. Our high-bay warehouse has 2.950 storage places. The end applications in contract packaging are diverse.

Our stock therefore includes the complete range of aluminum foil, mono and composite films as well as barrier films for


We also supply unprinted packaging films on rolls from our film warehouse to contract packers. Not every packaging film has to be printed and can also be simply labeled for very small quantities to be packed. If the quantities increase, direct packaging printing can be useful.


Our ten printing machines from one to eight colors with a total of 43 inking units can cover widths from 200 mm to 1.400 mm. Twelve roll cutters are in operation for widths from 22 mm to 1.600 mm – also for your contract printing and contract cutting.