Flexible Food­ Pack­aging

Packaging for food

When it comes to food packaging, it is essential to ensure that the raw materials used comply with legal requirements. Our application technology department monitors current legislation and is available to answer any questions you may have.

Our added safety value for food packaging

The requirements for the mono and composite films used in plastic packaging for food packaging, are becoming increasingly complex. In addition to the conformity of the raw materials used, the legibility of fonts on the smallest print area must also comply with legal regulations.

As a specialist in packaging printing for food packaging, we know the high demands our customers place on film printing and put them into practice every day: With innovative machine technologies, we ensure maximum sharpness and therefore legibility of even the smallest texts and EAN codes, even with small font sizes.

With safe production processes, food-compliant materials and qualified low-migration inks, we produce printed films for food packaging such as frozen food, soup bags, food supplements, cereal bars, dried soups, dried sauces, coffee, tea, confectionery, pet food, dairy products and baked goods.

As a printing company for food packaging, we are the specialist for your packaging film of the highest quality with short delivery times.

Laser perforation

For many food packaging products like sachets and sticks for soups, food supplements, bars, coffee, tea and confectionery, the consumer benefit of an integrated opening aid should not be underestimated.


Consumers like the integrated laser perforation, which makes it possible to open composite films easily and accurately without tools. For convenience food packaging, an opening aid is a real added value.

Please contact us so that we can implement your requirements together.

Bar­code-­controlled order­ flow

Our safety precautions start long before production and do not end with product manufacture: Our inventory management system with a completely barcode-controlled order flow ensures secure management of all data. Years later, all order details can be traced transparently and seamlessly. We thus perfectly fulfill a “must have” of the pharmaceutical industry.

sharp­ edges

In contrast to gravure printing, the edges of flexographic printing elements are not “frayed”. The edges of our print motifs are sharply defined. UV flexo printing can print extremely fine lettering and motif elements with sharp precision due to the viscosity of the inks.

The legibility of barcodes on pharmaceutical packaging is therefore excellent. As text elements are also printed very precisely, all the necessary information can be placed on pharmaceutical packaging with the utmost precision.

The “squeezed edge” visible in conventional flexographic printing is also not found in UV flexographic printing.

Film­printing with
a back-up solution

We also offer absolute production reliability thanks to mirrored production facilities for your pharmaceutical packaging at our sites in Baden-Baden and Roth near Nuremberg. Customers from the contract packaging and pharmaceutical sectors greatly appreciate this.