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Schulz Flexgroup GmbH, the largest owner-managed and independent UV flexographic printing company in Europe, is a medium-sized family business with more than four decades of experience in UV flexographic printing for packaging film. As a specialist in the printing and finishing of flexible primary packaging for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, technical and non-food applications, the company supplies small and medium-sized companies as well as listed companies on the stock exchange. Two mirrored high-performance sites and GMP-compliant processes guarantee maximum flexibility and production reliability as well as consistently high product quality. State-of-the-art technology and high material availability, including recyclable films, ensure reliable and very short delivery times. The special customer service includes a holistic consulting approach by a highly competent, responsive team for customized solutions.

color brilliance:
Knowhow and expertise 

UV flexographic printing is characterized by a special brilliance of color. It can be used to achieve depth and luminosity on the packaging film as well as extraordinary gloss effects. The special pigmentation of UV inks also results in high color intensity. Special colors also develop their full intensity with a stable color impression. Motifs and texts are reproduced precisely, and even braille can be reproduced accurately and concisely. The reason for this is the higher viscosity of UV binder systems compared to conventional printing inks. When applied to the packaging film, they spread less in width and do not sink into the depths as quickly.

packaging printing in perfect form and with many extras
fast and safe

We produce your foil printing within ten working days of receiving your order, thus realizing the shortest delivery time in the industry. Independence from suppliers and high material stocks mean reliable availability and stable capacities for you. The high requirements placed on packaging films for pharmaceutical, food and non-food applications are both an incentive and an obligation for us. Conformities are reliably maintained in validated processes. Our range of films is extensive and versatile. Thanks to close cooperation with film manufacturers, we are constantly expanding it to include recyclable variants.


We make up the goods for you and supply them either in large rolls for multi-lane packaging systems or in narrow rolls for single-lane systems. You are also welcome to buy unprinted foils from us. Let us print your material with the desired motifs or cut it to the desired dimensions.

safe and innovative

Our films are compatible with standard forming, filling and sealing machines.

With our state-of-the-art machinery, we manufacture GMP-compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified in standardized and quality-tested production processes. Real-time line monitoring by supporting 100% control cameras in high-tech quality on both our printing machines and our roll cutters guarantees the highest product quality.

A reel management system with complete traceability means a high degree of reliability and commitment for the customer. Even years later, the complete order documentation for your film printing can be reproduced.

One of our special services is our own cliché production. In-house production allows very short reaction times and flexible adaptations to short-term customer requirements. Our application technology team provides advice on film materials, inks, coatings and sealing processes. We guarantee delivery reliability through two mirrored, spatially separated production sites.

packaging printing with uv inks and uv coatings

There are customer requirements for packaging film that can only be realized with UV flexographic printing. These include the typical brilliance of UV inks, which can be used to achieve depth and luminosity as well as extraordinary gloss effects. The special pigmentation of UV inks also results in high color intensity. Special colors are shown to their best advantage and the stability of the color impression is maintained. The detailed drawing of images and letters is so precise that braille, for example, can be implemented exactly and concisely. Print motifs are sharply defined. Even a font height of 1 mm (positive) or 1.5 mm (negative) is reproduced clearly and concisely.

precision down to the last detail

Abrasion resistance and high rub resistance are further advantages of these inks. They dry quickly, are durable and relatively resistant to fading and wear. They are also highly resistant to chemicals. With these inks, performance, appearance, feel and color life come together effectively, even for the most demanding print image requirements. The color management system is individualized and can be carried out according to the sample, Pantone guide or reference card.

packaging printing using the uv flexographic printing process
Detail sharpness

Flexographic printing is a relief printing process and is primarily used in the packaging industry. It offers special solutions for packaging film in particular. Even materials where other printing processes reach their limits can be printed using this process. What makes it particularly suitable for packaging printing is its substrate flexibility, i.e. the versatility of the substrates.

The detailed drawing of images and letters in UV flexographic printing is also so precise that, for example, a font height of just 1 mm (positive) or 1.5 mm (negative) is reproduced clearly and concisely.

Flexographic printing also scores highly in terms of environmental compatibility. It can also be used with sustainable, thinner substrates. The inks used are food-safe.


UV flexographic printing is another specialization within flexographic printing. But what exactly are the advantages of UV flexo printing? State-of-the-art repro technology combined with the special features of UV printing inks enable gravure-quality products that go beyond the printing qualities of conventional solvent-based flexographic printing. UV flexographic printing is so precise and sharp-edged that even line motif components and EAN codes can be read without interference. Printed images and color gradients can be optimally displayed in UV flexo printing with the help of modern frequency-modulated grid. Pre-printing costs are also significantly lower with this process than with gravure printing, for example, which uses engraving cylinders rather than printing plates. Customers appreciate this clear cost advantage.