Packaging printing for the pharmaceutical industry

The high demands placed on packaging films for pharmaceutical applications are both an incentive and an obligation for us. Conformities are reliably maintained in validated processes.

our added safety value for pharmaceutical packaging

We offer our customers packaging printing in perfect form with many extras and special added value, particularly when printing highly sensitive products such as aluminum foil for blister packaging or medical papers for syringe packaging:

We have been safely and reliably meeting these requirements for pharmaceutical packaging for more than four decades. Our packaging printing includes films that are suitable for all applications, regardless of whether dry, powdered, gel-like or liquid products are involved. Special repeats + – 0.1 mm accurate and
+ – 0.5 mm to 1 meter are also possible on our ultra-modern UV flexographic printing machines.

Thanks to the viscosity of the UV inks, high screen-printing qualities are achieved and even extremely fine fonts and motifs can be printed precisely – an important prerequisite for the good and accurate legibility of barcodes on pharmaceutical packaging! Our innovative technology guarantees maximum sharpness and precision even with very small font sizes. Even a font height from 1 mm (positive) or 1.5 mm (negative) is reproduced clearly and concisely.


TYVEK® is used e.g. as a cover film for pharmaceutical packaging. Packaging film for pharmaceutical products often carries very small fonts, which must nevertheless be readable without interference. The use of UV flexographic printing inks can precisely guarantee this: even a font height of 1 mm (positive) or 1.5 mm (negative) is reproduced clearly and concisely. The image and letters on the packaging film are so precise and sharp-edged that the EAN code is reproduced exactly. The sharply printed edges ensure accurate reading by barcode scanners.

Bar­code­-controlled order flow

Our safety precautions begin long before production and do not end with product manufacture: Our Inventory management system with a completely barcode-controlled order flow ensures secure management of all data. Years later, all order details can be traced transparently and seamlessly. We thus perfectly fulfill a “must have” of the pharmaceutical industry.

Sharp Edges

In contrast to gravure printing, the edges of flexographic printing elements are not “frayed”. The edges of our print motifs are sharply defined. UV flexo printing can print extremely fine lettering and motif elements with sharp precision due to the viscosity of the inks.

The legibility of barcodes on pharmaceutical packaging is therefore excellent. As text elements are also printed very precisely, all the necessary information can be placed on pharmaceutical packaging with the utmost precision.

The “squeezed edge” visible in conventional flexographic printing is also not found in UV flexographic printing.

Film­printing with

We also offer absolute production reliability thanks to mirrored production facilities for your pharmaceutical packaging at our sites in Baden-Baden and Roth near Nuremberg. Customers from the contract packaging and pharmaceutical sectors greatly appreciate this.

pharma­ceutical packaging

With a perfect management system and state-of-the-art technology, in compliance with GMP and hygiene regulations, Schulz Flexgroup makes a quality promise that will convince you.