Always consistent at the highest standards of hygiene

The pharmaceutical industry has particularly high standards and strict regulations when it comes to product safety, hygiene requirements and the clarity of the printed image. We meet these requirements because we can offer added reliability when printing on delicate products, e.g. aluminium foil for blister packaging. This also applies to medical products such as packaging for plasters or syringes.


Modern machinery and a 100% monitoring camera system ensure that we perform to the highest standards of hygiene. The production of small, medium and large print runs with short lead times is a challenge that we are happy to take on and one that we have mastered successfully.

Reliability signed and sealed

Our reliability promise has been signed and sealed by us, as we are a certified printing house in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Our brand also represents an outstanding level of hygiene, along with our GMP guidelines:

  • Greater accuracy thanks to our conveyor belt inspection and 100% monitoring cameras
  • Management system with integrated hygiene standards
  • Process reliability thanks to continuous product monitoring

We ensure consistently high quality with our transparent, GMP-compliant documentation, continuous process improvement by our internal auditing team, and our certified quality management system.


In-house back-up solution

We offer absolute production reliability thanks to our mirrored production centres at Baden-Baden and Roth. At both locations, we manufacture products under cleanroom conditions and under normal conditions.


Barcode-controlled workflow

Our safety arrangements begin long before production and do not end once the product has been manufactured: Our intelligent inventory control system with a workflow that is entirely controlled by barcodes ensures that all information is securely managed. Years later, order details can be transparently retraced step by step. In this way, we can perfectly fulfil a crucial requirement of the pharmaceutical industry.