We are always there for you

Personal contact with our customers and personalised advice are very important to us. Our full service therefore includes many features that make cooperation with you much easier.


In-house reprography and production of printing plates

From submitting your request to receiving the finished product, you will have a contact partner available and will always receive expert advice thanks to our specialist knowledge. Our own pre-print stage ensures quick, simple corrections and in-house printing plate production. The high production capacity that our modern machinery offers and our extensive stock of aluminium foils, mono, laminated and barrier films ensure that we can meet your requirements quickly and reliably.


Our winders can produce customised printed films for you that are accurate to the millimetre and produced in any size from 22mm to 1600mm. The broad product range ensures a high degree of flexibility that is particularly useful for smaller print runs.


Our service range includes organising storage and logistics and we would be happy to take on this work for you. Once you hand over to us, we take on all storage and shipping logistics as well as printing. In this way, you can minimise your costs in this field. This offer also extends to custom cutting. 


SFG quality mark

Our company’s quality mark, “SFG”, is an important sign of our high-quality, effective collaboration. Our name “SCHULZ FLEXGROUP” stands for high quality:

  • Safety in numbers - two mirrored production centres at Baden-Baden and Roth by Nürnberg
  • Flexibility - short lead times due to a lare number of printing units and machines with up to 8 colours
  • Genuine Quality - web inspection and 100% camera control